Coronavirus has not yet had ‘any discernible impact’ on UK cinemas

Other countries have closed cinemas to fight the outbreak

Group of people in the cinema having fun

The coronavirus outbreak is yet to have any impact on movie-going habits in the UK, according to the UK Cinema Association.


Confirmed cases of Covid-19 totalled 164 on Friday, with that number expected to rise over the coming days and weeks.

In an attempt to fight the spread of the illness, a whopping 70,000 cinemas have shut their doors in China alone, while 850 have temporarily closed in Italy.

However, Variety reports that no such action is currently on the cards in the UK, where it remains “business as usual.”

Phil Clapp, President of the UK Cinema Association, said: “It’s definitely a developing picture, but we’re not seeing any discernible impact in terms of cinema admissions across the piece.”

The statement comes just days after James Bond’s latest mission, No Time To Die, was delayed by seven months from April to November 2020.

The much-anticipated feature, which carries an estimated production budget of $250 million, will need a strong performance at the worldwide box office in order to turn a profit.

Disney’s Mulan is not expected to release in China on 27th March as had originally been planned, although no announcement has been made on its debut in other territories.


The government has said that mass gatherings could be restricted if deemed necessary for the protection of public health.