Christmas is almost upon us!


It's just as well then that, following in the footsteps of A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch, another cheesy Christmas romance set in a castle has landed on Netflix.

The rom-com stars Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes as star-crossed lovers in the Scottish countryside. Shields plays a best-selling American author who travels to Scotland to escape the scandal of her last novel.

“Famed author, Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields), travels to Scotland hoping to buy a small castle of her own, but the prickly owner, Duke Myles (Cary Elwes), is reluctant to sell to a foreigner,” reads the official synopsis. “Working to find a compromise, the pair constantly butt heads, but they just may find something more than they were expecting.”

Talking about the movie, actress Brooke Shields recently told The Daily Record: “It’s about being surrounded by people who you love and celebrating each other. It’s about enjoying the ritual of whatever this time means to you and really being giving with all of your heart.

“I think that if COVID has taught us anything, it’s how much we rely on our interpersonal connections, relationships and the family we build around us.”

Read on for everything you need to know about A Castle for Christmas' star-studded cast.

Brooke Shields plays Sophie Brown

Brooke Shields in A Castle for Christmas

Who is Sophie Brown? Sophie Brown is a best-selling author who travels to Scotland to escape the wrath of her fans after throwing a favourite character down the stairs in her latest novel. While there, she falls in love with a derelict castle and goes head to head with its owner, the grumpy, but handsome, Duke Myles.

New Yorker Brooke recently told The Daily Record: “My character goes to Scotland and falls in love with the place and this castle and that’s pretty much what I did.

“I came back home practically speaking with a Scottish accent. The castle, the pubs, the horses, beautiful scenery, cows, dogs... I loved it all. It was such a feel-good environment to be in," she added.

What else has Brooke Shields been in? Brooke rose to fame after her role in 1978’s Pretty Baby, and has since gone on to play the lead in sitcom Suddenly Susan as well as the part of Joey’s girlfriend in Friends. More recently, she appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Cary Elwes plays Duke Myles

A Castle for Christmas

Who is Duke Myles? Myles is the duke of nearby Dun Dunbar castle. When Sophie impulsively decides to purchase his castle, he is forced to become her cranky tenant. However, when Myles hatches a plan to get the estate back from Sophie, an unexpected romance blossoms between the pair.

Talking about the romance between his character and Sophie, Elwes recently told ComingSoon: "It was refreshing to come across a script where we didn’t have to play characters who were trying to be younger than themselves. That they’re showing that people of our age, our generation can fall in love.

"I mean, I think it’s particularly harder for women today than it is for men, but I think I can speak for Brooke when I say we were both excited about that because it’s refreshing, and these two characters, they may not be victims or looking to be saved, but for some reason they bring something to this journey with this relationship between the two of them, where they completely unexpectedly end up teaching each other a number of things, which is lovely."

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What else has Cary Elwes been in? Cary Elwes is known for his roles in The Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights and the Saw film series. He has also appeared in other films including Glory, The Jungle Book, Ella Enchanted and A Christmas Carol.

Vanessa Grasse plays Lexi

A Castle for Christmas cast Vanessa Grasse

Who is Lexi? Lexi is Sophie’s daughter in A Castle for Christmas. Myles buys Lexi a plane ticket to Scotland on Christmas Eve in the movie so that she can pay her mother a surprise visit.

What else has Vanessa Grasse been in? The actress is best known for her role as Lizzy in Leatherface, Alyssa Hodge in Astral, Jodie in Bulletproof and Beth Hudson in Glia.

Lee Ross as Thomas

A Castle for Christmas cast Lee Ross

Who is Thomas? Thomas is a tour guide at Dun Dunbar Castle, who urges Myles not to turn out like his ancestors. He is also an old friend of a local woman named Maisie, with whom he tries to rekindle a romance at the Christmas Eve party.

What else has Lee Ross been in? The actor has previously starred in Centurion, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Containment and Tommies.

Andi Osho plays Maisie

Andi Osho Death in Paradise
Joseph Sinclair

Who is Maisie? An employee at The Castle Inn, Maisie gives Sophie a warm welcome when she arrives from America.

What else has Andi Osho been in? Fans will recognise the actress from Curfew and The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud. She also stars in I May Destroy You and Line of Duty.

Tina Gray plays Helen

A Castle for Christmas cast Tina Gray

Who is Helen? Helen is a knitter at The Castle Inn, who befriends Sophie and helps design dresses for the Christmas party.

What else has Tina Gray been in? Viewers will recognise the actress from Doctors, Crooked House, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break.

Eilidh Loan plays Rhona

A Castle For Christmas cast

Who is Rhona? A pastry chef at The Castle Inn, Rhona also befriends Sophie and, in return, gets a makeover.

What else has Eilidh Loan been in? The star has previously appeared in Doctors, Clique, London Kills and Pancake.

Stephen Oswald plays Angus

A Castle for Christmas cast Stephen Oswald

Who is Angus? Angus is another member of The Castle Inn’s knitting club, who hasn't spoken since the death of his husband. So don’t get too excited if you’re a fan of Oswald, as he only has one line in the movie.

What else has Stephen Oswald been in? Fans will recognise Oswald from Meat Is Murder, and as Ritchie in The Mother the Son the Rat and the Gun.

Drew Barrymore as Herself

Drew Barrymore in A Castle for Christmas

Who is Drew Barrymore? The host of The Drew Barrymore Show, she interviews Sophie about the unpopular ending of her latest novel at the beginning of the movie – with disastrous consequences.

What else has Barrymore been in? Alongside The Drew Barrymore Show, fans will also recognise the star from ET the Extra-Terrestrial, Charlie’s Angels, The Wedding Singer and Santa Clarita Diet.

Supporting cast

Netflic’s A Castle for Christmas cast is rounded out by Mark Fleischmann (The Princess Switch), Desiree Burch (Master of None), Antony Strachan (Sunset Song), Tim Barrow (Riptide), Suanne Braun (The Princess Switch).

A Castle for Christmas is available to stream on Netflix now.


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