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Bryan Cranston cast as Zordon in Power Rangers movie

He is the big floating head that knocks

Published: Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 at 11:11 am

If you weren’t that bothered about the new Power Rangers film, this new casting might just change your mind – because Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is joining the movie as the Rangers' floating-head mentor and founder Zordon.


In case you didn’t remember, the below picture is what Zordon looked like in the original TV series, and if such a role seems like an odd choice for Cranston you might be surprised to learn that the actor has a long history with and fondness for the Power Rangers franchise.


In fact, as a younger actor Cranston voiced a collection of the monsters fought by the Rangers in their weekly battles, with his time on the set so fondly remembered by the programme’s makers that the Blue Ranger Billy Cranston was actually named after him (as the actor himself noted when announcing his involvement in the new film).

Oh, and if you wanted a taste of Cranston’s previous Power Rangers appearances here’s just one of them, where he voiced reptilian baddie Snizzard.

Definitely worth another Emmy, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Power Rangers will be released in March 2017


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