Brexit threatens Mrs Brown’s Boys movie sequel

The Irish comedy has become a casualty of the UK's decision to leave the EU


Mrs Brown’s Boys may have become a casualty of Brexit. The sequel to Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, which saw Irish matriarch Agnes Brown attempt to save her family’s market stall from a corrupt businessman, has been delayed due to rising costs after Britain voted to leave the European Union.


Brendan O’Carroll, who writes and stars in the popular BBC1 sitcom, explained that while the movie is “ready to go” from his side, the brakes have been put on production until the Pound stabilises and costs drop.

“We were planning to do it this year but the numbers weren’t right. The Brexit drop in Sterling makes it a lot more expensive for the studio than it would have been previously,” he told The Sun. “They will wait until the Pound stabilises before they make any plans.”

“The plot and outline are there and ready to go. We know what’s going to happen and how we’re going to do it. That’s the only way you can price it and make a budget. Other than that it’s just a question of, ‘Are we going or not going?’.

“We need ten months notice on that and so far there’s nothing.”


Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie topped the UK box office in 2014. O’Carroll has since said he plans to make two sequels.