“BEST MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN.” Ryan Reynolds’ surprise Deadpool screening went down really well…

Things are looking good for the merc with a mouth


The madcap marketing campaign for superhero romp Deadpool is going from strength to strength at the moment, whether it’s plastering up emoji posters, pretending the movie is a romantic drama or – in its surprise latest move – showing the entire film to unsuspecting fans a month before it’s released.


Fox had advertised the event as a chance to see some unseen footage – which was technically true – but fans were instead greeted with the complete movie, as well as guest appearances from the stars and creatives behind the project (including Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld). Yes, we wish we’d been there too.

Perhaps predictably, the reaction from the fans was pretty effusive.

Of course, the most objective reviews won’t come from the fans who queued in the cold for clips and instead got an exclusive Ryan Reynolds-hosted screening, but the level of excitement is still making us feel good about this movie. We’ve got the chimichangas defrosting already.


Deadpool will be released in UK cinemas on 10th February