Halloween costumes can be difficult to choose - how do you pick something that feels appropriate for taking the kids out trick-or-treating that also works for Halloween parties with adults who might not appreciate your Shaun the Sheep costume?


We think that choosing something from film and TV that appeals to all ages - or at least makes sense to adults and looks vaguely spooky enough to entertain children - is the way to go. We've picked out the very best costumes available online, to help make picking the perfect outfit for Halloween as easy as possible.

You can find our list of female characters to dress up as here if you're interested, but to start you off here are our top ten picks of male characters to dress up as on Halloween.

Pennywise (IT)


We think Pennywise (technically an it, not a he) is a great choice for both men and women on Halloween. After the release of It Chapter Two, the child-eating clown is continuing to terrify a whole new generation of viewers. So whatever age your boss is, they'll be so scared of you at the office Halloween party that they'll say yes to anything - so wear this if you're gearing up to ask them for a raise.

Price: From £39.07 on Amazon

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Trent

Trent is the villain that made us realise Rebecca being a 'crazy ex girlfriend' actually just meant that she did lots of illegal things including stalking, hacking and blackmailing, and probably should have been arrested a long time ago. If you love Crazy Ex Girlfriend, pick up a pink turtle neck and a pink suit, stick on some felt hearts and you can become the creepy Kennedy lookalike yourself. Double points for having a friend dress up as Rebecca with you.

Price: From £39.95 on Amazon


Ursula was originally based on real-life drag queen Divine, so an authentic Ursula costume would be worn by a man in drag. That's where you come in - perfect if you have kids who like The Little Mermaid, this costume is both timely (given the upcoming live-action remake of the film) and original.

Price: From £34.09 on Amazon

Darth Vader


Star Wars fans have been dressing up as Darth Vader for years, but now that another Star Wars movie will be coming out at the end of 2019, we expect he'll prove more popular than ever. Super-fans can spend £800 on the Official version, but don't worry, there's a budget alternative too. Better bagsy that costume before your friends do!

Price: From £36.19 on Amazon


Original Ghostbusters

Everyone loves the Ghostbusters, and this instantly recognisable classic costume is a winner for any Halloween event. You can also have a friend, partner or child dress up as a ghost - let's be honest, there are few things more adorable than a Ghostbuster with a baby ghost.

Price: From £36.07 from Amazon

Marty McFly

Back to the Future (Netflix, BA)
Back to the Future (Netflix, BA)

Halloween this year falls after the fourth anniversary of the date in the 'future' that Marty and Doc Brown take the time machine to - October 21, 2015. We can't think of anything much scarier than the realisation that the future is now in the past, so this costume seems more appropriate than ever.

Plus, it works on two levels - teens will think you're dressed as Rick and Morty, while long-time fans of Back to the Future will appreciate the throwback. Bonus points for having a friend dress up as Doc Brown.

Price: From £60.99 on Amazon

Neil Armstrong


Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing by dressing up as a spaceman this year - you can also add an American flag and a helmet to this costume for extra detail.

Price: From £19.99 on Amazon



Tim Burton's classic comedy-horror film Beetle Juice and its eponymous main character were a landmark in film history, and a worthy Halloween costume. Even for those who haven't seen the film, the costume is terrifying and comes in at nicely under £30.

Price: From £29.37 on Amazon

John Shelby

John Shelby, BBC Pictures, SL
John Shelby, BBC Pictures, SL

Peaky Blinders fans were left shocked by season five's dramatic finale, but while you wait for season six and seven you can become a Shelby yourself. Once you've got the suit and coat, just add a flat cap and a gold chain (to look like a pocket watch). For an extra-scary version (warning, spoilers!), channel John Shelby's terrifying murder with bullet wounds and fake blood.


Price: From £7.95 on Amazon