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Bafta sets new diversity standards for Film Awards

Movies hoping to win Outstanding British film will have to show their commitment to boosting diversity from 2019

Published: Thursday, 15th December 2016 at 7:59 am

Films will have to meet new diversity criteria to be nominated in two of the biggest Bafta Awards categories it has been confirmed.


To bag a nomination for Outstanding British film or Outstanding Debut from 2019, movies must be able to prove that they have worked to improve diversity.

This includes both on-screen talent and behind the scenes production.

Announcing these changes, Bafta stated: “As a champion of creative excellence, we want all talented people to be able to succeed in the industries, regardless of their background.

“This significant change demonstrates BAFTA’s intention to take a leading role, together with our key partners, in increasing the representation of under-represented groups in front of and behind the camera.”

To qualify for the awards, the film must meet two of these four criteria: on-screen representation, themes and narratives, industry access and opportunities, project leadership and creative practitioners, opportunities for diversity in audience development.


Bafta list under-represented groups as women, LGBT, disabled people and those from minority ethnic backgrounds as well as “people from lower socio-economic groups”, the organisation stated in a press release.


By announcing this change now ahead of the 2019 awards, Bafta states that this will enable films not yet in production to meet the diversity standards and that “every British film will have the opportunity to qualify”.


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