Actually, Mark Hamill had a bigger speaking part than anyone during the Force Awakens read-through

JJ Abrams asked the Luke Skywalker star to read the whole script aloud during rehearsals


In the build up to the release of The Force Awakens, “Where’s Luke?” became a commonly asked question as Mark Hamill’s well-loved character Luke Skywalker failed to materialise in any of the trailers or promotional material (unless you count that hand).


After everyone finally saw the film there was then much made of the fact that, in his brief appearance at the end, he was given precisely zero words of dialogue. So a fan who recently asked Hamill whether it was awkward sitting in silence during the early read-throughs for the film, had a point.

Except, it turns out it wasn’t like that at all, and Hamill actually had more to say than anyone during rehearsals because director JJ Abrams asked him to read out the entirety of the script (presumably aside from the dialogue).


As Hamill points out, #NotSoSilentSkywalker after all…