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A sneak peek inside the home of Fantastic Beasts sisters Tina and Queenie

Pottermore had a snoop around the set of JK Rowling's upcoming Harry Potter prequel

Published: Friday, 20th May 2016 at 8:42 am

A good movie makes you feel like you're really there. No, we're not talking 3D or virtual reality. A well-designed set will exhibit such attention to detail that you, the viewer, forget you're sitting on a cinema seat or curled up on your sofa. You'll be transported to another place entirely.


The only thing better is to actually be there – to walk around the set itself, see it up close and personal. It's an experience afforded to just a few – and when it's a movie shrouded in as much secrecy as new Harry Potter film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, that number becomes very small indeed.

But Pottermore – JK Rowling's official Harry Potter website – managed to sneak into Tina and Queenie's apartment just minutes before it was knocked down at the end of filming. Yes, we've all caught glimpses of the home the two sisters share in the trailers, but this account offers up new details of the characters who encounter Eddie Redmayne's Newt Scamander on his eventful visit to New York.

Like the fact that Tina is bookish while Queenie sounds more like a good time gal.

"A set of peachy lingerie is laid out on Queenie’s bed, next to some fashion magazines. Tina’s bed is next to a sensible row of books and some discarded flyers."

Katherine Waterston – who plays Tina – is full of praise for the set, telling Pottermore, "It’s so nice to have all the books by Tina’s bed and have that environment that says so much about her. It feels like she lives there."

Indeed, by all accounts the flat appears to have plenty of personality of its own...

"This is where the Goldstein sisters are best put in context. Every inch, every tile, every velvet pillow, every label on every product on every shelf has been planned and put in place to invoke their characters.

"It’s humble and quaint and warm in that sweet way a woman’s first home as an adult can be. It’s modest but lovely."

Modest but lovely, yes, but according to Pottermore, you also "get an almost subliminal sense of magic being present."


Well, it wouldn't be JK Rowling without a bit of that too, eh?


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