In the worst date since American Pyscho, a 37-year-old Texan man is reportedly suing a woman after she texted during a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.


According to, Brandon Vezmar of Austin is suing a woman he met online for $17.31 – the price of a ticket – after she messaged a friend “10-20 times in 15 minutes”.

“It was kind of a first date from hell,” Vezmar said, explaining that he asked the woman to stop, but she refused. He then told her maybe she could text outside the screening room. His date left and never came back (taking her car, his ride home, with her).

Vezmar said that he texted the woman asking her to pay him back for the ticket, but after she didn’t reimburse him, Vezmar filed a petition in a small claims court.

According to the petition, the texting was a “direct violation” of the cinema’s policy and the woman “adversely” impacted Vezmar’s viewing experience.

“While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behaviour is a threat to civilised society,” it said.

The unidentified 35-year-old woman called the situation ‘crazy’ while telling Statesman: “I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody… It wasn’t like constant texting.”

She said she also planned to file a protective order against Vezmar for allegedly contacting her little sister to get the money for the ticket.

However, she may struggle to conjure public support for her case with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who joked on Twitter that she should serve a proper sentence.

Why stop at suing? She deserves jail time!

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) May 16, 2017

Now that would be an interesting "what are you in for" conversation at the prison canteen.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is in cinemas now