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A Harry Potter fan thinks they've discovered who founded American wizard school Ilvermorny

The North American wizarding school might have just got a little less mysterious...

Published: Tuesday, 15th March 2016 at 9:58 am

One eagle-eyed Harry Potter fan thinks they've gleaned some secret info about North American wizarding school Ilvermorny...


Since JK Rowling introduced the new school, it's remained largely mysterious. But Reddit user Mnonai reckons they've uncovered information about the establishment's founder.

Mnonai realised that this image (which has since been magically replaced on Pottermore) was saved as "Magic_in_North_America_Teaser_Kitchi_Day_2.jpg"


"Searching on the web, I found out that Kitchi is a male Native American name meaning "Brave", and is from Algonquin origin. The distribution on Algonquin peoples, as shown in Wikipedia, is pretty much on the known area Ilvermorny is at," writes Mnonai.


And we already know the location of Ilvermorny is vital to its identity...

"So, what do you think? Could that be a hint? Rowling has stated that indigenous magic was important in the founding of Ilvermorny. Could the Algonquin tribes be the aforementioned ones?" asks Mnonai.

Over to you...


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