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13 more brilliant, average and terrible biopic casting decisions

From Monster to Miss Potter to Liz and Dick, there have been many truly brilliant lookalikes — and some rather poor ones...

Published: Monday, 18th January 2016 at 9:32 am

We've had a look through recent cinematic history to see who struck lookalike gold, and who just looked pretty ridiculous...


Actor: Tom Hiddleston

Who? Hank Williams

Film: I Saw the Light (2016)


Verdict: 10/10. The film isn't even out yet but Hiddleston has Williams' wistful stare just right, with the perfect hat to match.

Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Who? Edward Snowden

Film: Snowden (2016)


Verdict: 6/10. Levitt's performance is apparently very good, but you really wouldn't mistake him for Snowden, even with the right glasses on.

Actor: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Who? Audrey Hepburn

Film: The Audrey Hepburn Story


 Verdict: 8/10. Similar face shape and perfect hair, while exuding some of Hepburn's iconic grace. A tough person to play. It might not be a (Tiffany) diamond casting, but it's pretty close.

Actor: Michael Fassbender

Who? Steve Jobs (2015)

Film: Oh yeah, it's also called Steve Jobs


Verdict: 8/10. Perfect polo neck, good glasses and similar smiles.

Actor: Colin Farrell

Who? Alexander the Great

Film: Alexander (2005)


Verdict: 5/10. All we've got to compare Farrell's likeness to Alexander is this mosaic, but we're still not convinced. What's with the platinum blonde look? One thing they do have in common is a look of alarm on their faces. Maybe they're thinking about this movie.

Actor: Tom Hardy

Who? Reggie and Ronnie Kray

Film: Legend (2015)


Verdict: 9/10. Hardy looks just like the identical twin gangsters, with the ideal snarl and sharp suit to match...

Actor: Andre Benjamin

Who? Jimi Hendrix

Film: All Is By My Side (2013)


Verdict: 8/10 Hair, yes. Low-cut top, yes. Neck scarves, yes. 

Actor: Sienna Miller

Who? Tippi Hedren

Film: The Girl (2012)


Verdict: 9/10. Brilliantly similar, with spot-on makeup and a wry smile which suggests there's more going on in the creepy world of Hitchcock movies than meets the eyes...

Actor: Renee Zellweger

Who? Beatrix Potter

Film: Miss Potter (2006)


Verdict: 9/10. The film may have not gone down as well as Potter's books, but Zellweger certainly looks a lot like the author here.

Actor: Aileen Wuornos

Who? Charlize Theron

Film: Monster (2003)


Verdict: 10/10. No wonder Theron got an Oscar for this. Not only was her performance astoundingly good, she was able to convince us all her character was as real as Aileen Wuornos. The look of fury, desperation and confusion in her eyes, her facial expressions...biopic perfection.

Actor: Naomi Watts

Who? Diana, Princess of Wales

Film: Diana (2013)


Verdict: 8/10. As similar to Diana as any other actor we can think of. While it's hard to see past how bad a film it was, Watts was a good choice in terms of blond hair, vaguely similar face shape and similarly large eyes. Watts' wave was spot on too.

Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Who? J. Edgar Hoover

Film: J. Edgar (2011)


Verdict: 6/10. We're not convinced. Yes, Leo can pull most things off but not this. His hair, face and general look is all a bit off.

Actor: Lindsay Lohan

Who? Elizabeth Taylor

Film: Liz and Dick (2012)


Verdict: 8/10. The film may not have gone down very well, but Lohan certainly has the Taylor sparkle with the right makeup, hair and pout...


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