13 films you won’t believe were released 10 years ago

The Devil Wears Prada, Borat, Step Up and The Holiday? We feel old.




Yup, it’s really been ten years since Channing Tatum and (his future wife) Jenna Dewan lit up the dancefloor on that rooftop. Since then we’ve had four (yes, four!) sequels.


An entire decade of Daniel Craig as Bond? As speculation around his replacement continues to rumble on, the latest incarnation of 007 celebrates ten years with his licence to kill.


Rewind to 2006 and Anne Hathaway was a fresh-faced young intern tiptoeing around Meryl Streep’s beastly fashion editor Miranda Priestly. The shoes were divine, the work-life balance was not.


We’ve spent ten Christmasses watching The Holiday to get us in the festive spirit. What did we ever do without it?


Rewind back to 2005 and a world where Borat in a mankini wasn’t a mental image we had to deal with.


It’s been an entire decade since we discovered that a museum existed in New York City where all the exhibits come alive at night.


Remember Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou running around Europe in this adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestselling thriller? Gold star if you can recall the full plot.


Happiness is watching a penguin tap dance. In fact, it made us all so happy that studio bosses bankrolled a sequel in 2011.


Aye, it’s been 13 years since Johnny Depp first donned Captain Jack’s hat; 10 since this sequel which went on to dominate the 2006 global box office.


Look, it’s baby-faced James Corden, Dominic Cooper and Russell Tovey bringing Alan Bennett’s stage play to the silver screen. And yes, that’s Doctor Who’s Samuel Anderson grinning away in the corner.


Pre-Henry Cavill days, Superman was played by Brandon Routh, although this “return” didn’t exactly go as planned. Box office receipts were underwhelming and Routh soon handed over his cape to the current Man of Steel.


Fast-forward a decade and Abigail Breslin looks like this:


Who feels old?


Helen Mirren has always been acting royalty but it’s been ten years since she played real-life royalty – and won an Oscar for her efforts.