11 of the most awkward celebrity interviews

After Cara Delevingne is told to take a "nap" on a US breakfast show, we look back at our favourite cringeworthy interviews from smashed mugs to one-word answers to interviewers turned interviewees...

Actress and model Cara Delevingne found herself in the middle of a pretty awkward interview this week in which she was told to take a “nap” and maybe “get a Red Bull” by the hosts of Good Morning Sacramento. After just a few questions, the hosts decided Ms Delevingne wasn’t excited enough about her upcoming film Paper Towns and proceeded to wrap the chat up and simply talk about the film among themselves.


“We’ll let you go, how about that?” one host laughed after Cara hit them with a hefty dose of British sarcasm, joking she’d hadn’t read the script and “hated” her on screen character. “You do seem a bit irritated – perhaps it’s just us,” the host continued. Cara – those famous eyebrows knitted in confusion – confirmed it was definitely just them…

Bored Bruce

After agreeing his interview on The One Show in February was “boring”, Willis found himself at the centre of another awkward interview in which he admitted he was struggling to concentrate on Jamie Edwards’ questions about new film RED 2.

Parkinson gets short shrift from Ryan

An oldie but a goodie: Meg Ryan’s advice to Michael Parkinson as he struggles to keep her talking? “Wrap it up”.

Awkward ailments 

If there’s one thing Now You See Me star Jesse Eisenberg wasn’t expecting, it was to talk about a journalist’s stomach ulcers…You can watch it here.

Bye bye, Bee Gees

Offending the person you’re interviewing doesn’t usually go down well. But Clive Anderson seems genuinely surprised to see his guests, the Bee Gees, walk off his show.


Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw actually talks us through his own awkward interview with Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill here, highlighting for us where it all went wrong…

Comedy with Kunis

Chris Stark became an internet hit after he spent most of his interview with Mila Kunis nervously asking her if she thought he was doing ok, and then whether she fancied a trip to Nandos… to be fair that’s why they send Stark in. Watch the full interview here.

Tough with Tommy

From monosyllabic answers to reminding the starstruck journalist he’s a professional, Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t make things easy for his interviewer…

When silence isn’t golden

David Blaine gives Eamonn Holmes a bit of a challenge as he refuses to speak for most of his interview…

That’s a wrap


Ryan Seacrest is left shell-shocked after he’s cut off (for what he says is the “first time ever”) for asking Robert Pattinson about his co-star Kristen Stewart.