Harry Potter and the Cursed Child writer Jack Thorne gets his wife to vet emails to JK Rowling

"She doesn't want me to be embarrassing"


Jack Thorne is a great writer and the man who will bring Harry Potter to the stage later this year. It’s a job that requires him to be in constant contact with author JK Rowling but, despite dazzling audiences with top dramas like This Is England and Skins, Thorne has revealed he doesn’t trust himself to compose emails to the woman who gave us the boy wizard. Apparently his wife Rachel has to read them before he hits send “in case I kiss her arse too much. She doesn’t want me to be embarrassing.”


The writer – a self-confessed “massive fan of Harry Potter” – also had some lovely words for his collaborator, telling The Independent: “Jo’s awesome, a lovely lady. She’s so sure of the person she wants to be. It’s taught me an awful lot about how to behave. To even let someone else write a word that Harry says is an incredibly generous act. She’s very trusting, and is prepared to say, ‘Nah, you’ve got it wrong.’ And then as a person, she’s prepared to stick her neck out on important issues. I admire her.”

Rowling was clearly a fan of Thorne’s comments – she shared the article this afternoon on Twitter:


And the Cursed Child writer responded in kind. WARNING: this tweet is un-vetted.