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Peter Strickland (2012)

15 Certificate


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Shy sound engineer Gilderoy (a masterfully restrained Toby Jones) leaves Surrey and the world of nature documentaries to work on a lurid Italian horror film in Katalin Varga writer/director Peter Strickland's evocative celebration and sly deconstruction of 1970s Grand Guignol cinema. Thrown by the shock images for which he supplies sound effects by hacking away at various vegetables (the grotesquely violent scenes are never shown) and by the unpalatable behaviour of the people around him - a sex-crazed director, sleazy voice talent, a supremely unhelpful secretary - Gilderoy becomes increasingly disturbed. As the film takes its toll on this mild-mannered man, Strickland cleverly forces the viewer to question what they are hearing and how it keys into Gilderoy's spiralling nightmare. Some knowledge of the genre would be useful for deciphering some of the film's more esoteric pointers, but even without that familiarity this is a dazzling curio in which every sound effect reverberates with multiple meanings.


An introverted sound engineer used to working on nature documentaries is recruited by an Italian director, only to find himself working on a violent horror movie. The alien surroundings and constant repetition of disturbing imagery begins to take its toll on his sanity. Thriller, starring Toby Jones, Tonia Sotiropoulou and Antonio Mancino.

Cast & Crew

Gilderoy Toby Jones
Elena Tonia Sotiropoulou
Francesco Coraggio Cosimo Fusco
Santini Antonio Mancino
Silvia Fatma Mohamed
Elisa Chiara D'Anna
Veronica Susanna Cappellaro
Claudia Eugenia Caruso
Chiara Lara Parmiani
Lorenzo Guido Adorni
Special scream performance Suzy Kendall
Director Peter Strickland
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Artificial EyeGuidance: Sexual references.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 31 Aug 2012