Pond Life

Pond Life

Bill Buckhurst (2018)

15 Certificate
Sunday 2pm - 3:50pm Sky Cinema Drama
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Respected theatre director Bill Buckhurst makes a promising transition to the screen with this adaptation of a 1992 play by Richard Cameron (who adapts his own work). Moving the action on two years to locate the drama midway between the Thatcher and Blair eras, Buckhurst and Cameron convey a sense of a society in limbo, as Trevor (Tom Varey) fixates on catching a giant carp residing in Decoy Ponds before he leaves his South Yorkshire village in search of work. The fate of Nessie preoccupies tweenagers Shane and David almost as much as the romantic triangle between Malcolm (Angus Imrie), Cassie (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Maurice (Abraham Lewis). But events involving the latter's jailed brother have left their mark on the community and made Trevor all the more protective of his friend, the emotionally fragile Pogo (Esme Creed-Miles). The bond between the pair keeps the action anchored, as Buckhurst occasionally struggles with the pacing of a picture whose characters are always more interesting than its plotline. However, he ably captures the atmosphere of a long, hot, pre-social media summer.


During the summer of 1994, in a mining village outside Doncaster, a rumour stirs about the legend of a giant carp in the nearby ponds. Trevor takes watch one night at the water's edge, and eventually decides to lead a brigade of young friends and neighbours on a fishing expedition. Drama, starring Tom Varey, Esme Creed-Miles and Angus Imrie.

Cast & Crew

Trevor Tom Varey
Pogo Esmé Creed-Miles
Malcolm Angus Imrie
Cassie Daisy Edgar-Jones
Maurice Abraham Lewis
Shane Gianluca Gallucci
David Ethan Wilkie
Russ Buckfield Shaun Dooley
Irene Buckfield Sally Lindsay
Kath Edlington Siobhan Finneran
Muriel Panks Julie Hesmondhalgh
Director Bill Buckhurst
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: VerveGuidance: SwearingAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 26 Apr 2019