Yusry Abd Halim (2018)

PG Certificate


Our Score
An animated adventure following taxi cab Wheely, who dreams of becoming a top racing car in spite of challenges on and off the road. The film is presented nicely, with smart animation reminiscent of Disney Pixar's Cars. The problem is that the story, characters, and dialogue are just as reminiscent. It's hard to get past the notion that this is a pale imitation of the 2006 film, down to some of the car designs and the roles of the characters (delivery scooter sidekick Putt Putt feels like Cars's Mater with a different accent). Moreover, the film also lacks the intelligent comedy, meaning most of the gags don't really work for anyone whose age is in double digits. Once you look past the slick paint job, Wheely is a laborious proposition that only very young viewers will enjoy. If nothing else, it makes you realise just how much work went into the film that appears to have inspired it.


In a world of cars, a young racer finds his days on the track are over after a bad accident. Wheely gets a job as a taxi, and has hopes of impressing sporty supermodel Bella. However, he faces a struggle to save her from a monstrous 18-wheeler truck who is the mastermind of a luxury car-napping syndicate. Animated comedy, with the voices of Ogie Banks, Barbara Goodson, Chris Jai Alex and Brock Powell.

Cast & Crew

Wheely Ogie Banks
Putt Putt Gavin Yap
Bella Frances Lee
Kaiser Brock Powell
Sergeant Street Barbara Goodson
Crank Chris Jai Alex
Director Yusry Abd Halim
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: KaleidoscopeReleased on: 19 Apr 2019
Comedy Drama