Black Butler

Black Butler

Kentaro Otani (2014)

15 Certificate


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An adaptation of the immensely popular manga, starring Ayame Goriki as Shiori Genpo, a noblewoman determined to avenge the murder of her parents, alongside her "butler" Sebastian (Hiro Mizushima), a demon who has agreed to aid her in her quest in exchange for her soul. Energetic and stylish, the film is part action, part detective story, with acrobatic set pieces punctuating a plot that is intricate without being complicated. Grisly but not excessively violent, the emphasis on style and dry humour also add a levity to what is potentially quite dark subject matter. Stars Goriki and Mizushima have a captivating chemistry, with the master-servant dynamic given a unique twist that makes for some darkly humorous exchanges (exemplified by the grandstanding opening scene). Mizushima in particular delivers a deliciously wry performance, conveying his character's deadly nature without scenery-chewing or CGI. Entertaining for newcomers and a delight for fans, Black Butler is not your average adaptation.


A female descendant of an aristocratic family is forced to disguise herself as a man to claim her inheritance. She makes a pact with a demon, who offers to help her get revenge on her enemies - but her vengeance will come at the cost of her soul. Fantasy thriller based on a Japanese comic-book series, starring Hiro Mizushima and Ayame Goriki. In Japanese.

Cast & Crew

Sebastian Hiro Mizushima
Shiori Genpo / Kiyoharu Ayame Goriki
Hanae Wakatsuki Yuka
Rin Mizuki Yamamoto
Takaaki Matumiya Takuro Ohno
Ichizo Tokisawa Ken Yasuda
Charles Bennett Sato Yuu Shirota
Akashi Tomomi Maruyama
Shinpei Kuzo Masato Ibu
Munemitsu Aoki Satoshi Hashimoto
Arihito Genpo Ken Kaito
Saneatsu Nekoma Goro Kishitani
Director Kentaro Otani
Director Kei'ichi Sato
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Other Information

Language: Japanese, English +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Violence.Released on: 17 Oct 2014