We’re going to meet teenage Mulder and Scully in a new X-Files book series

Two novels will follow 15-year-old Dana Scully and 17-year-old Fox Mulder to FBI status


In a few weeks the X-Files reboot will air its final episode. Rumours of a recommission are still to be confirmed, but the truth will still be out there for fans of the show in the recently announced X-Files Origins series.


Two new books, Agent of Chaos and Devil’s Advocate, will be part of a literary series that follows Mulder and Scully as teenagers. Each of their stories will be set in the spring of 1979, a time when “serial murder, the occult, and government conspiracy were highlighted in the news.” The novels will depict life-changing events that explain how Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) became the FBI agents we know and love today.

Kami Garcia, co-author of the Beautiful Creatures and Dangerous Creatures novels and author of solo series The Legion, will write Mulder’s story in Agent of Chaos. Assassin’s Code and Dead of Night writer Jonathan Maberry will pen Scully’s story in Devil’s Advocate. Both books are set to be released by Imprint/MacMillan Children’s Publishing Group in January 2017.

“As a diehard fan of the show, the opportunity to work with incredible authors on original stories about these characters is a dream come true for me,” said Erin Stein, publisher of Imprint. “Why did Mulder become a believer?  Why did Scully become a skeptic? We get to tell those stories.”

Series 11 is yet to be announced, but David Duchovny would definitely be interested in returning to the franchise.  “I would love to,” he told Ellen DeGeneres about the prospect of making more episodes, “I think we all would.


“Of all the things that have changed and the work that’s come in between, when we were together doing the show this time around, it just felt like the old show.”