Rap star Chamillionaire awards JK Rowling a virtual Grammy for using his lyrics to bat down a Twitter troll

The most unexpected Twitter high five ever?


We all know Twitter can be a nightmarish place — but it can also be a magical realm where this sort of stuff happens…


Earlier this week, JK Rowling used rap star Chamillionaire’s lyrics to hit back at a Twitter troll. Rowling had been arguing with Natalie McGarry on the social media site before the politician apologised for using a screengrab to accuse the Harry Potter author of defending “abusive misogynist trolls”. That tweet prompted one of McGarry’s supporters to launch some mild abuse at Rowling, resulting in this gem in response…

Now, Chamillionaire himself, the man behind the 2006 hit single Ridin’, has tweeted Rowling to say she deserves a Grammy for her excellent play-on-words with his track.

So now JK Rowling and Chamillionaire are, of course, Twitter BFFS…


Who says magic isn’t real…?