Book, boy band or both? quiz

The worlds of 90s pop groups and literature collide more often that you'd imagine...

Boy bands invariably have cheesy or nonsensical names: 98 degrees? A1? Boyzone? Westlife? 911? Five? What do these actually mean? And why are there so many numbers, paper sizes and compass points involved?


Then there’s the more respectable realm of literature, where books so often have meaningful, poetic names. Of Mice and Men. Pride and Prejudice. The Count of Monte Christo. Ahhhh.

BUT things are not always as they seem, and once you delve deeper into the worlds of boy bands and literature, you realise that the two have more in common than you might have thought. There really are quite a few book titles which sound like boy bands, and boy bands worthy of a bookshelf.


So boy band experts and bookworms, can you tell whether this is a book title, boy band or both? Have we said the words boy band and book enough?