How to get tickets to the BBC Proms 2021

Audiences can now return to the BBC's annual celebration of live music.


Much like many live events in 2020, the BBC Proms was a decidedly virtual affair, with performances broadcast on radio, TV and iPlayer along with archival footage.


However, the Proms will be making a grand return to the Royal Albert Hall this year with audiences welcomed back, in what will be a rather fitting celebration of the venue’s 150th anniversary.

With over 2,000 musicians performing at over fifty-two concerts over forty-four days, the BBC Proms are back with a classically sounding bang – here’s how to get tickets for the prestigious concerts.

When are the BBC Proms 2021?

The Proms begin on Friday 30th July with the First Night of the Proms, which will open with Vaughan Williams’s Serenade To Music that first premiered at the Royal Albert Hall under Proms founder Henry Wood in 1938.

The Proms will then finish on Saturday 11th September with the Last Night of the Proms, led by tenor Stuart Skelton and accordionist Ksenija Sidorova.

How to get tickets to the BBC Proms 2021

Tickets for the BBC Proms 2021 can be bought at

In keeping with founder Henry Wood’s vision of bringing classical music to the widest audience possible, tickets will start as low as £7.50, with half-price tickets for under-18s and Promming day tickets at £6.

Tickets for the BBC Proms 2021 have been split into two booking periods depending on the concert date.

Booking period one is for concerts taking place between 30th July and 20th August, with tickets going on sale at 9am on Saturday 26th June.

Booking period two is for concerts taking place between 21st August and 10th September, with tickets going on sale at 9am on Saturday 17th July.

The website has a Proms Planner that goes live a few days before each booking period, allowing you to select your concerts in advance. However, this does not count as a purchase until booking opens, at which point you will be allowed to buy your pre-selected Proms Plan.

Alternatively, you can simply buy individual concert tickets at the Royal Albert Hall website, or purchase tickets over the phone by calling the Royal Albert Hall Box Office.

How to get tickets for the Last Night at the Proms 2021

A celebration of British traditions and patriotic music, the Last Night at the Proms is always the most popular concert in the summer-long event.

Therefore the tickets are sold a little differently and allocated via ballot, with any remaining tickets going on sale at 9am on Friday 13th August.

Tickets will be sold again through the Royal Albert Hall website and phone line – though you’ll want to get in quick as there are usully few remaining after the ballot!

How can I watch and listen to BBC Proms 2021?

If you’re unlucky enough to not get a ticket, never fear – the BBC have been broadcasting the Proms since 1927.

As usual BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting every single note of the Proms live, and the concerts will also be available on the BBC Sounds app.

Twenty Proms will also be broadcast on BBC television and be available on iPlayer, including the popular First Night and Last Night.

Most of the coverage is usually broadcast on BBC Four with the First Night and Last Night split between BBC Two and BBC One, but exact programming details will be announced in July.


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