Sathnam Sanghera joins Episode 11 of The Radio Times Podcast – listen now

Sathnam Sanghera talks about upcoming Channel 4 documentary Empire State of Mind.


Jane Garvey speaks to writer and broadcaster Sathnam Sanghera ahead of his upcoming Channel 4 two-part documentary Empire State of Mind.


Sanghera powerfully makes the case that Britain’s colonial history explains much of the racist thinking lingering in 21stcentury Britain.

He also reveals the backlash he anticipates when his series airs and the online hate he routinely experiences – from racial abuse to death threats – whenever and wherever he discusses this subject.

You can listen below to Sathnam Sanghera’s interview and much more in The Radio Times Podcast:

What else can I expect from episode 11?

As the release of Peter Jackson’s hotly anticipated revival of forgotten fly-on-the-wall Beatles footage from 1969 approaches, David Hepworth chats to Jane Garvey about Disney+’s upcoming three-part series The Beatles Get Back (25th to 27th November). A Beatles fan for more than 50 years, David discusses how seeing The Beatles again in glowing colour at the peak of their powers makes the footage seem like it was shot yesterday not half a century ago – and reveals how Jackson’s cinematic wizardry has brought the band vividly back to life. He says this story of a month in the life of the greatest ever pop band shows how the accepted narrative of the Beatle’s final days is wrong, turning the traditional tale of bitter in-fighting into one of four young lads from Liverpool who, even in 1969 after nearly a decade together, were still having a good time. He also says the series shows just how fast pop moved in its early days, when the Beatles could make an album in a month – largely thanks to Paul McCartney and George Harrison turning up daily with a new song.

TV critic Rhianna Dhillon reviews ITV’s The Tower, Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time and Apple TV’s The Shrink Next Door alongside Jane Garvey. And as always, the pair aren’t afraid to warn you if they have doubts about a series.

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