Pharrell Williams writing children’s book based on hit single Happy

The Grammy award-winning star is set to reach a whole new audience with a picture book based on his catchy song

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It might seem crazy, what I’m about to say, but Pharrell’s international hit single Happy is being turned into a children’s book.


The UK’s most downloaded track ever is about to reach a whole new audience, when the song’s perky lyrics take pride of place in a new picture book.

Grammy award-winner Pharrell has signed a deal for a series of books, with the first being based on his Oscar-nominated – and incredibly catchy – tune.

The book will be published in September by Putnam, a division of Penguin-Random House, and is set to feature photos of children from around the world “celebrating what it means to be happy.”

“I’m humbled by the global success of Happy, but especially in awe of the song’s young fans,” said Pharrell in a statement. “My collaboration with Penguin allows me to continue a dialogue with these children in a fresh, new way. We’re both committed to feeding the curiosity of young minds with imagination.”

This isn’t Pharrell’s first foray into the world of publishing – his first book Places and Spaces I’ve Been, about his work and contribution to contemporary culture, was published in 2012 – and he’s far from the first chart-topper to have his hit songs transformed into children’s books either.

Bob Dylan has four picture books to his name, based on Blowin’ in The Wind, Man Gave Names to All the Animals, Forever Young and If Dogs Run Free, while little readers can peruse the lyrics of Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World and John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Roads in picture form. Former Beatle Ringo Star recently lent the lyrics of lilting 1969 song Octopus’s Garden to the world of children’s books too.


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