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McFly and Busted join forces to form McBusted for 2014 tour

The new supergroup will perform both band’s top tracks as a six-piece, and have hinted at new songs, as they dispel rumours of a rift with absent ex-Busted member Charlie Simpson

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Published: Monday, 11th November 2013 at 12:56 pm

Boy bands McFly and Busted confirmed this morning that they will be touring the UK in 2014 as a new supergroup, McBusted.


At a launch event hosted by Big Brother presenter Emma Willis, wife of Busted member Matt, it was revealed that he and bandmate James Bourne will merge with McFly’s Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher. The six-piece supergroup say they'll be singing “all the classics” from both bands' back catalogue of hits, which includes a total of 14 number ones.

Questions quickly turned to absent former Busted member Charlie Simpson, but the bands insist there are no hard feelings.

“He’s not ready to do this yet. I’m not sure if he will,” James explained, adding, “He’s got his album, he’s doing his own thing. We are friends.”

“Four McFlys make up for one Charlie,” joked Harry.

This isn’t the first time the two bands have come together – they performed on stage at the Royal Albert Hall during McFly’s tenth anniversary concert – but the boys say the time is right for a big event.

“Something like the Big Reunion didn’t feel right for our band,” said Matt, referring to the recent ITV2 series, adding that joining with McFly “felt obvious”.

“We’re just a group of mates going on tour,” said Harry.

When pushed as to whether they’d work on original music as well as the tour, the band hinted they could end up collaborating on new material while on the road.

“Now we’re just doing the tour. But if we come up with something we’d love to release it. We’re just excited about touring right now,” said James.

Of their new name, McBusted, the boys joked it was the “best of a band bunch”. In fact, Matt recalled how the name was usually used in an attempt to insult the bands – as though the two were interchangeable.

Not that the boys mind. “We’ve been playing Busted songs in sound check for years,” said McFly's Tom (briefly a member of Busted in the beginning), adding “This has basically been my ten year audition to get into Busted!”

And what of McFly’s future?

“It’s definitely not the end of McFly. You can’t get rid of us that easily,” confirmed Tom.

“We’ve just recorded our sixth album which will also be out in 2014,” added Harry.

“This is just kind of getting in the way,” Danny teased.

But the boys are getting used to juggling commitments. Tom confirmed that his wife Giovanna is due to give birth to their first baby before the tour starts. Will that be tough? “I don’t have a baby yet. So we’ll see,” he chuckled.

The band will seal the deal with a performance on this Friday’s Children In Need show.

The McBusted tour will take place at various locations in the UK during April and May of 2014



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