Jackie Chan writing musical about his life

The Kung Fu star is to set his memoir to music – all he needs is a director

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Kung Fu movie star Jackie Chan is turning his memoirs – I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action – into a stage musical.


“We are looking for a director for the musical right now. It’s all very exciting,” Chan revealed during a press conference in Hong Kong.

The production will follow Chan’s films and his career in the spotlight, but will first explore the lives of his parents and his early education at the Peking Opera School.

We’ll also get an insight into his time as an acrobat, performing with the Seven Little Fortunes.

It’s unclear as yet whether Chan himself will star, or indeed whether British audiences will get a chance to see the musical.

Chan’s career has been a long one. He took on his first small roles at the age of five, before moving into the big leagues as a stuntman in Bruce Lee films from the age of seven.

He’s since starred in cult classics including Police Story, Rush Hour, The Karate Kid, Shanghai Knights and even provided voices for Kung Fu Panda.


Known for doing all his own stunts, Chan has appeared in more than 150 films in total – breaking practically every bone in his body in the process.