Clever Lily Allen, eh?


You'd think her first original track in three years might be one to ease her back into the groove... But no, it's mocking the mindlessly sexist music industry instead.

It's worrying how often we watch videos just like the ones Hard Out Here is parodying and don't even bat an eyelid. But she's reminded us that it's not okay, just because it's commonplace. In a world where 20-year-olds licking sledgehammers and completely naked women dancing next to men in suits is apparently the norm, Lily's social commentary, delivered in her trademark sing-song tones, is a breath of fresh air.

Here's why we love her...

1. She's making feminism mainstream

So many female stars avoid the F word. Not Lily. She's called Hard Out Here "empowering" adding, "There's some feminist vibes going on." Her ode to gender inequality has already caused a media stir, taken over Twitter AND been played on Radio 1. Just wait until it's officially released in four day's time...

2. And catchy

Feminism shouldn't be associated with burning bras or the the dusty corners of libraries. You should totally be able to dance along.

3. She's never been afraid to tell it like it is. Whatever the subject matter

Mean ex-boyfriends, pressure to loose weight, consumerism, even bad sex...

4. She's all about positive body image

As if this gruesome shot isn't enough... Earlier this year she hit back at reports that she was trying to lose her "mummy tummy", tweeting: "Don't drag me into your whole hatred of women saga. I'm f*****g hot and I'm a size happy. Suck it."

5. She's had another go at Robin Thicke

Hate yourself for knowing the words to Robin Thicke's catchy chart topper, which sees naked ladies parade around in front him while he's fully clothed and pulling pervy faces? There are numerous parody videos out there on the world wide web, some better than others, but Lily's gone one better and taken mocking misogynistic Blurred Lines even bigger.

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6. Her lyrics have always been brilliant

Think "No need to shake my arse for you, 'Cause I've got a brain'", "If I told you about my sex life, you'd call me a slut" and "You should probably loose some weight, 'Cause we can't see your bones" are inspired? Lily's always been blessed with great soundbites. Want a few more examples?

"I'll take my clothes off and it will be shameless, 'Cause everyone knows that's how you get famous" (The Fear)

"So you say, It's not okay to be gay, Well I think you're just evil... Your point of view is medieval" (F**k You)

"It's sad but it's true how society says, Her life is already over" (22)

7. She wears trainers and dresses

Heels make our feet hurt, okay?

8. She's the voice of the John Lewis Christmas advert

Just because you're awesome and unafraid to share your stereotype-challenging views, doesn't mean you can't endorse a super cute Christmas advert, too.

9. She's been on Neighbours


It's everyone's dream, right...?