Luke Newberry: Harry Potter spin-off ‘could happen’, sex show definitely won’t caught up with the In The Flesh star in the flesh


Adorable, cartoon-eyed Luke Newberry may have won thousands of fans for playing Kieren in zombie drama In The Flesh, but last night he told about the pain of missing out on his dream role in Harry Potter.


Newberry filmed scenes for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but they were cut from the final film and haven’t been released. How did that feel? “Gutting! It was my dream! But I was technically there, on set.”

Newberry played Teddy Lupin, the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks who was originally meant to appear in the ’19 years later’ epilogue to the series. Newberry still holds out hope of getting his own wand. “I was never on screen, so I could always appear. Teddy Lupin: The Spin Off Show. That could happen.” 

That’ll be music to Newberry fan’s ears, and there are an awful lot of them: “I have the nicest fans in the world, they don’t give me any crap when I tweet something, which I know some people do.” 

The full might of the Newberries (feel free to use that one) was recently felt in the Radio Times TV Champion 2014 tournament, where they pushed Luke through to the second round, before losing a titanic battle to Jamie ’50 Shades of Grey’ Dornan. Even Luke was surprised by his fan’s lust for battle. “They went crazy for [RT Champ] for a while. I didn’t know whether to tweet it or not. I felt bad because I was up against Jamie, and he’s so lovely.” Showing true sportsmanship, Luke then threw his support behind his rival as he moved forward in the competition.

Newberry recently finished working on former Doctor Who boss Russell T Davies’s Banana, in which he plays Josh, a mysterious law student. Banana, an E4 youth drama, will tie into two other shows: Cucumber on Channel 4 and Tofu, a web series about real life ‘sexcapades’.

While Newberry’s character will also appear in Cucumber, don’t expect him to join other cast members in detailing his sex life online.


“Oh no, no no no. No. Never.”