David Lynch is using luxury sportswear to bring meditation to the people

The Twin Peaks creator is putting his name to a range of activewear, with proceeds going to his Transcendental Meditation foundation


If anyone says they understand the choices David Lynch makes, on screen or off, they’re obviously lying. The Twin Peaks writer’s creative decisions, while ultimately brilliant, have also been somewhat bizarre.


And to keep his streak going, he’s started a line of women’s sportswear in collaboration with model Alyssa Miller and Live the Process, a lifestyle company that seems to be for people who wear fringed vests and burn incense.

Confused? Us too. The reason he’s decided to step into the world of luxury leggings and sports bras is because he’s very passionate about, erm, Transcendental Meditation.

In case you don’t know what that is, it’s an inner peace, energy revitalising practice that Lynch has been doing for more than 40 years. Hmm, maybe that’s how he’s come up with his surreal story ideas…

He fancies it so much that he even started the David Lynch Foundation in 2005 to spread awareness of the practice.

DLF, Miller and Live the Process are using the six-piece exclusive collection as a way to fund DLF’s mission to make TM accessible to everyone globally. Lynch believes the practice will end suffering for people including abused children, war veterans and the homeless.


We’re not exactly sure how the “limited edition David Lynch floral” garments and deep meditation can enlighten or help victims of abuse, or why he even chose to put these all together… but it’s David Lynch, so his creative genius must have a reason.