A penis museum, midnight golf and drinking with Vikings – how Phil Tufnell spent £10,000 in 24 hours

"Playing for my country was exactly the same as this except there was a little bit of cricket thrown in!"


Earlier this year, Phil Tufnell was tasked with a difficult mission. To jet to Iceland with comedian Susan Calman and blow £10,000 in 24 hours. It’s a tough life, eh? 


But the former England cricketer and Question of Sport panellist claims the challenge was far harder than it sounds. Hmmm. We caught up with him to hear all about drinking with Vikings, playing midnight golf and meeting Nick Hancock’s sister in a penis museum. Here’s what he had to say… 

So, Phil. Firstly, can you spell Reykjavik?

No. I think it’s got a “j” and a “v” in it. Don’t ask me tough questions.

When someone asks you to spend thousands of pounds on a jolly, is your answer an instant ‘yes’? 

It was a no brainer. I thought about it for five seconds and said, “Yes, I’ll do that.”

Was the weekend one long bender, then? 

There are a few rules. I just thought we’d get over there, buy the biggest bottle of champagne and drink it but you’re not allowed to do that. You can’t give it away to the needy or anything like that.

Tell us about some of the weird and wonderful things you came up with to spend the money… 

We played midnight golf, went cod fishing on a trawler, went up the glacier. We went to the Reykjavik penis museum which I never thought I’d hear myself say, had a drink with Vikings, met elves and goblins. 

Hold up, a PENIS MUSEUM? 

Yes, it was a bit strange but I think it’s quite famous for some reason. I met Nick Hancock’s sister in there which was funny. She was just having a wander around. And then we bought a couple of bull testicle lamp shades and gave them away to someone. I don’t know whether they were delighted or not. 

And what exactly is midnight golf…? 

It was an idea we came up with – why don’t we play golf at night? We hired some lights and bought a load of golf balls and lost them. It was a way of getting rid of some cash. 

How was your experience with the Vikings? 

We got attacked by them and then went off and had a beer with them. They took their Viking duties very seriously. We were drinking beer out of a horn – I’ve always wanted to do that. I think I would have been alright as a Viking. 

We’re sure you would have, Phil. So, did you call on your previous experiences of travelling abroad, spending lots of money and having nothing to show for it? 

Yes, I’ve toured with England nine times! Playing for my country was exactly the same as this except there was a little bit of cricket thrown in. 

How do you justify appearing on a show like this when Britain is still climbing out of a recession? 

I don’t know what to say to that. What can I say to that? 

Errr… Aren’t you worried how audiences still feeling the squeeze might react to it? 

I don’t think so – I think people will enjoy it. They’ll enjoy having a weird look at Iceland. It was good fun so I don’t think people will see it as a bad thing, they’ll see it as light-hearted. I certainly didn’t go there to upset anyone. 

If you had to describe 24 Hours to Go Broke in three words, what would they be? 

A great laugh.

24 Hours to Go Broke begins tonight at 10:00pm on Dave with David Baddiel and Richard Herring’s trip to Armenia’s capital Yereven


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