Play Eurovision bingo

From glitter showers to nil points for the UK, look out for these common moments during Eurovision and tick them off as you go


It’s time for the Eurovision Song Contest and that means singing, dancing, glitter, nil points galore and some cheeky sarcasm from host Graham Norton…


In fact, there’s plenty of Eurovision antics that pop up year after year. And to celebrate the comforting blanket of familiarity that is Eurovision, we’ve got a bingo card for you to print out and play along with at home. 

Just look out for each of these events as the night unfolds and see how long it takes you to cross them off and complete the whole card. 

Don’t forget to shout “House” when you do. Or wave a flag if you’re feeling super ‘Eurovisiony’. 


See the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Saturday from 8:00pm on BBC1