Britain’s Got Talent: Is the potential winner on this Saturday night’s show?

Simon Cowell says this week's show has a "very special audition". Could they be on for the win, or is Simon just drumming up support for his own Golden Buzzer act...


Simon Cowell loves to keep us on our toes (who are the other two X Factor judges going to be, Simon?!) and his Twitter account is no exception, this week hinting that Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent holds a potential winner. 


We can see what you’re doing there Simey. Now we must all tune in to see who it is. As obvious as running around with a sign saying ‘watch this Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent’ but admittedly, it works. 

Darn that clever Cowell. 

Who or what is the act and what is their “very special audition”? 

Is it someone we’ve seen before? Perhaps Susan Boyle coming back to go for glory? Is it something we’ve literally never seen before? Or is it simply the act Cowell will press his Golden Buzzer for (which gives them a pass straight through to the live semi-finals) and he’s just drumming up a bit of support? He’s got to outshine his other three judges and their choices after all. He’s head judge. That’s how it works.

It would be fun to have a new potential winner in the mix, though. Salsa-dancing granny Paddy and her partner Nico have been on everyone’s lips from the beginning, as have boy band Collabro. They wowed with their performance of Les Mis track Stars early on in the auditions.

Although if the public are feeling cheeky, perhaps we should mention judge David Walliams’s (shall we say controversial?) Golden Buzzer choice, singer Christian Grigore Spiridon. He performed his very own version of Sex Bomb much to Walliams’s delight. After all the other judges pressed their red buzzers (and Walliams’s) he smashed down on the Golden Buzzer. Now in the live semi-finals Grigore could have a shot at the title if the public get voting, if only to annoy Mr Cowell. 

Now, unless you can resist the siren call of Cowell, see Britain’s Got Talent this Saturday night at 7pm on ITV