X Factor 2014 rumour mill: Louis Walsh returning with Sharon Osbourne

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell are choosing this year’s remaining two judges between them - could Louis and Sharon take up the seats?


THE RUMOUR: Louis Walsh wants to come back to the show and bring Sharon Osbourne with him.


Louis, of course, said he was leaving the show after ten years on the panel. Then he said he was having so much fun he was going to stick around. And apparently he wants Mrs O with him for 2014 run. Simon Cowell is backing him, Cheryl Cole isn’t.

QUOTE FROM A ‘SOURCE’: “Louis is tight with Simon and isn’t bothered about what Cheryl has been saying. He will be back as far as he’s concerned – and he wants Sharon Osbourne at his side,” a source tells the Sun.

RADIOTIMES.COM TRUTH RATIING: 5 out of true. Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell are to decide together on this year’s other two X Factor judges. Simon doesn’t want Cheryl to have to sit next to someone she “hates” and the pair are keen to get the show back to the 2010 glory days. In fact, Cheryl told Daybreak that she’d like another woman on the panel.

Simon himself has said he’d like to have Louis back. And while Cheryl has never been on the panel with the Simon, Louis and Sharon trio, it’d be the fifth time Cowell has judged alongside the pair. And if Simon Cowell wants something he tends to get it. But Sharon Osbourne? The music manager returned last year to leave victorious with Sam Bailey her winner. Better to bow out a champ, isn’t it?