Sherlock and Doctor Who are the shows Brits will do ANYTHING not to miss

Skipping a wedding, pulling a sickie, dodging a birthday… you might have FOMOOT


Ever missed an important event to watch that programme? Whether you’ve called in sick for work, avoided that sixtieth birthday party or ducked out after the speeches at a wedding, you could be suffering from FOMOOT – fear of missing out on telly.


And guess which shows most Brits are blocking out the hours to see… yep, you’ve got it. Sherlock and Doctor Who.

More than one in 10 telly lovers has fallen out with a family member over their TV watching habits, with 4 percent lobbing the remote in frustration and 2 per cent turning on the water works.

Nearly a third (31%) of those polled have avoided a friend or family member’s birthday to ensure they were firmly planted in front of the television. While 7 per cent have even left a wedding or funeral to catch their favourite show, according to stats from a survey conducted by Freesat.

Probably for the best these shows aren’t on at the moment, eh?

Close behind Sherlock and Doctor Who on the FOMOOT scale, who themselves scooped 21 and 17 percent of the votes respectively, is Coronation Street (15%), Downton Abbey (15%) and Mrs Brown’s Boys (13%), with viewers eager to see the shows when they’re on, rather than catch up later.

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