Dave Lee Travis cleared of twelve sexual offences charges

Former DJ is acquitted of twelve of the 14 charges against him at Southwark Crown Court with the jury unable to reach a verdict on the other two


Former radio star Dave Lee Travis has been cleared of 12 sexual assault charges brought against him dating back decades to the heights of his fame.


The former BBC radio DJ and TV host was found not guilty on twelve counts at Southwark Crown Court of charges dating between 1976 and 2008 after a four week trial. Of the fourteen charges brought against him, thirteen were for indecent assault and one was for sexual assault. The jury was discharged from reaching verdicts on two of the charges.

Travis claimed throughout proceedings he was innocent of all charges and said his accusers were attempting to benefit by selling their stories.

Eleven women came forward to accuse Travis, 68, including one who claimed he sexually assaulted her in a trailer when she was 15.

He denied being “predatory” and insisted the claims against him were “nonsensical.”

In his closing speech, Travis’ barrister Stephen Vullo, told jurors last week: “In any society when something goes wrong, a harvest fails, there is a reaction, an understandable reaction.

“Nobody wants sexual predators to get away with their crimes. Everybody wants them to be brought to justice, but there is no justice whatsoever in overreaction, bringing a 68-year-old man of impeccable character to this court and muddying his name to make us feel better about Jimmy Savile. It wouldn’t right that wrong.”


Dave Lee Travis had been arrested as part of Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree investigation established after revelations about the late Jimmy Savile.