Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch visits Buckingham Palace

Someone probably made a cu-Cumberbatch joke at the Garden Party...


Benedict Cumberbatch does dapper very well, which was lucky given he was invited to Buckingham Palace for a right royal shindig.


Well, we say shindig. It was a Garden Party so it was more likely to be the sort of day where one might nibble a cucumber sandwich while sipping the finest champagne.

Someone probably made a cu-Cumberbatch joke.

The Sherlock star can be seen (above) chatting to the Earl of Wessex, having carefully removed his sunnies. Always polite our Benny.

But Prince Edward outdid Benedict on his head, going for a top hat. But Benedict certainly didn’t look out of place in his smart blue suit.

Prince Philip was in attendance before leaving to go to hospital for a planned exploratory operation.


Benedict also hit headlines yesterday after rumours emerged he may be staring opposite fellow Brit Keira Knightley in the Imitation Game