College offers X Factor audition course

Students in County Durham will be able to study singing, performing and projecting confidence on the 17-week study programme that's been built around TV talent shows


A college in County Durham is offering wannabe X Factor stars the chance to take a course that might just help them become the next James Arthur, Matt Cardle or Leona Lewis.


The 17-week programme, which is offered by Bishop Auckland College, will give students technical tuition in singing, performing and projecting a confident persona.

But there are only 40 places available on the course, and it will cost would-be students £95 per head to enrol.

Partly government-funded, the course will start next week and end just in time for the next round of X Factor auditions.

Course organiser Mike Jinks said that he first had the idea after seeing X Factor alumni Joe McElderry and James Arthur playing at the Bishop Aukland Music Festival last summer.

Talking about the programme, Jinks said: “I wanted to run a course which prepared people for X Factor auditions and similar competitions across the country.

“Many applicants have talent but need to work on key things such as their singing technique and confidence.

“People auditioning also need to know X Factor winners don’t just walk in there blind. It is not about just wandering in, singing a song and you’re famous.

“Most applicants have been doing the rounds for years working really hard, it’s very rare that you get a Susan Boyle character.

“The course is about giving people real, transferable skills. The biggest thing they will get out of it is confidence, whether this is for a future singing audition or a job interview.”

Actress Susan Harris, who has worked with pop stars like Lenny Kravitz during her 25 year showbiz career, will lead the course, which requires no formal entry requirements beyond “enthusiasm and motivation”.


“There are plenty of colleges running this qualification,” said Jinks. “But as far as I am aware none of them have designed the course around the X Factor.”