ITV move Britain’s Got Talent to avoid clash with The Voice

After three weeks of losing head-to-head battles, Simon Cowell's show will no longer overlap with its BBC rival


ITV have blinked in the ongoing Saturday-night ratings battle with the BBC, moving Britain’s Got Talent out of the way of The Voice completely on Saturday 21 April, avoiding a head-to-head for the first time.


According to early schedule exchanges, the shows were to overlap by 30 minutes on 21 April – with a 90-minute edition of The Voice beginning at 7pm and BGT starting at 8pm. 

However, the final ITV schedule now shows Britain’s Got Talent at 8:30pm, with an extended audition show that will run to 9:45pm. The Voice remains in its 7pm slot on Saturday for the first of two “Battle Round” specials, the second of which will air at 7:30pm the following evening. 


Britain’s Got Talent has consistently lost to The Voice when the shows have aired at the same time. On 24 March, The Voice had 8.9m viewers to BGT’s 6.6m during the 20-minute overlap. On 31 March the figures were 9.6m v 7.6m, while last week The Voice trounced its rival when the shows were against each other, with 10m viewers to BGT’s 6.4m.