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Three new true crime series you need to watch

You won’t be getting off your sofa any time soon thanks to CBS Reality’s latest original series

Published: Monday, 29th April 2019 at 1:00 pm

Our fascination with real-life crime documentaries never seems to lessen over time. In fact, the more we watch, the more we often need to satisfy our hunger for gripping true crime stories.


Luckily for us, CBS Reality has got three – yes, three! – of its top true crime programmes returning to our screens this month with brand new seasons. Are you ready?

Evidence of Evil
Wednesdays from 17 April, 10pm, on CBS Reality

Season two of this eye-opening programme explores and recreates some of the most intriguing and challenging criminal cases of the past two decades. Each episode looks in particular at the way technology dramatically changed the course of the investigations and brought the guilty to justice.

Featuring key witness testimonies, exclusive interviews, reconstructed events and archive footage, Evidence of Evil offers an invaluable insight into the relentless hard work and dedication of investigators, police, scientists, and other crime-solving experts.

The ‘nightclub nightmare’ murder of Laura Garza; the shooting of a good Samaritan in New York; and a killing that took nearly 42 years to solve are just three of the astonishing cases covered in the new season.

Donal MacIntyre’s Murder Files
Thursdays from 18 April, 10pm, on CBS Reality

Presented by renowned undercover reporter and criminologist Donal MacIntyre, each episode of this fascinating show explores a recent UK murder case through an in-depth interview with the detective who led the investigation.

Using dramatic reconstructions, archive footage and real-life police tapes, MacIntyre and his expert guests use their first-hand experience to guide us through all the twists and turns, the setbacks and the dangers, up to the crucial turning point that led to each case being cracked and justice being served.

Cases featured in the new season include the attempted ‘parachute murder plot’ of Victoria Cilliers at the hands of her husband Emile, and the cross-country killings committed by Daniel Gonzalez, aka the ‘Freddy Krueger Spree Killer’.

Murder by the Sea
Tuesdays from 23 April, 10pm, CBS Reality

If you thought Britain’s seaside towns were sleepy holiday havens, full of ice cream, arcades and sandcastles, think again. The dark reality of many of these unassuming resorts is a reputation for shocking crimes – as you’ll discover when you watch Murder by the Sea.

In fact, some of the most bizarre and terrifying murders in British history have taken place at famous seaside spots, with grand hotels playing host to deadly crimes, and seafronts serving as stalking grounds for serial killers.

In this latest season, best-selling true crime writer Geoffrey Wansell returns to present a new set of real-life cases, including those of Southport’s Mitchell Quy, who murdered his wife, and Swansea landlord killer David Ellis.


Get your true crime fill on CBS Reality


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