Fall back in love with your favourite series with this free streaming service

Thanks to UKTV Play, you can watch hours of the dramas you know and love, for free.

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There’s nothing more comforting than curling up after a long day to re-watch your favourite TV dramas – especially when you know you can find them in one place. Now, thanks to the free streaming service UKTV Play, you can do just that.


UKTV Play is a video-on-demand TV app that’s incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is download the app on your TV, or mobile, or search UKTV Play online, to have access to box sets and catch-up from the Drama Channel, such as Waking the Dead, Call the Midwife, and Pride and Prejudice. With classic series plus the option to watch on catch-up, immersing yourself in your favourite TV scandals, mysteries and whodunnits has never been easier.

Alongside the Drama channel on demand, you’ll also find hilarious offerings from comedy channel Dave, along with fascinating documentaries from the Yesterday channel. Ready to watch? Keep reading to discover some of the highlights available right now.

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Dalziel and Pascoe

In the fictional town of Wetherton, Yorkshire, detectives Dalziel (Warren Clarke) and Pascoe (Colin Buchanan) must cast their differences aside in order to work together to solve crime. Old-fashioned Dalziel is straight-talking, ill-mannered and not afraid to state his mind – unlike polite, timid and intellectually inclined Pascoe. Although the pair often clash, both on a professional and personal level, they soon discover that their differences are what make them such a brilliant team. Much to their surprise, each case seems to strengthen their relationship, and gradually they begin to form an unbreakable bond.

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Waking the Dead

When the final episode of Waking the Dead aired in 2011, many fans of the show felt it went before its time. So, if you want to see why, now’s your chance. The crime drama centres around a fictional London-based cold case unit where Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd (Trevor Eve), psychological profiler Dr Grace Foley (Sue Johnston) and Detective Inspector Spencer Jordan (Wil Johnson) use new technology to re-examine old evidence, in the hopes of solving inconclusive cases, all while grappling with some of society’s most topical issues, from organised crime to fanaticised religion.

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Judge John Deed

Martin Shaw stars as Mr Justice Deed in this legal drama, a high court judge who’s determined to bring justice to every case that’s brought before him. All too often, he finds his best efforts are hampered by those of a less liberal disposition, including his ex-wife and barrister Georgina Channing (Caroline Langshire). Despite the commonly held assumption that he is hopelessly naïve, Mr Justice Deed is a smart man who works hard to inspire a better, fairer world, while pursuing a complicated romance with barrister Jo Mills (Jenny Seagrove), a widow with two teenage sons.

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Peak Practice

After setting up a clinic in Africa, Dr Jack Kerruish (Kevin Whately) dreams of being a country GP – so upon his return to the UK he heads to Beeches surgery, a small practice in the fictional town of rural Cardale. It’s not long before Dr Beth Glover (Amanda Burton), who runs Beeches, asks Jack to become a partner – much to the dismay of Dr Will Preston (Simon Shepherd), Beth’s current practice partner and full-time slacker. If they are to do their job and help the public, the trio must find their footing and learn to work together to save lives.

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Monarch of the Glen  

Archie MacDonald (Alistair Mackenzie) is doing all he can to carve a living out of the restaurant he owns in London, but when he receives a frantic phone call from his mother Molly (Susan Hampshire) telling him his father is dying, he drops everything to return to his once very prestigious Highland home, Glenbogle House. After learning that he has inherited his father’s title and estate – and mounting debt – Archie must decide whether to stay and assume his new role as master of the house, or keep his independence and return to his life in London, with girlfriend Justine (Anna Wilson-Jones).

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Birds of a Feather

Watch this much-loved sitcom right from the very start, when chalk and cheese sisters Sharon (Pauline Quirke) and Tracey (Linda Robson) have no choice but to move in together when their husbands are sent to prison for armed robbery. Sharon, leaves her Edmonton council flat for Tracey’s upmarket home in the Essex suburbs and, when you add glamorous – and nosey – neighbour Dorien (Lesley Joseph) into the mix, you have comedy gold, as the unlikely trio form an unusual friendship while attempting to rebuild their lives.

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Last of the Summer Wine

As classic as they come, this much-loved sitcom is a gentle take on the autumn years of life, set in the beautiful town of Holmfirth, Yorkshire. The iconic original cast saw Bill Owen, Peter Sallis and Michael Bates star as three old men who are young at heart and decide that retirement is in fact the perfect time for a second childhood, swapping all sense of responsibility for mischief and mayhem. With their newfound purpose, the friends enjoy nothing more than reminiscing at the local pub, pursuing new romantic interests and causing trouble around town, much to the dismay of their friends and family. Ideal viewing for when you need a bit of light relief!

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