We are living through the greatest time for women’s wrestling in WWE, and it’s only getting better.


Fans growing up with the current crop of female superstars see their idols given space to provide magic inside and outside of the ring, which is a world away from the often side-lined and sexualised situations previous generations of female athletes were handed.

This ever-improving environment makes our job to select the best female superstars in the company a real challenge.

The strength of the roster means former champions like Natalya and Alexa Bliss miss out on this list, with other competitors edging them out thanks to their current storyline success, in-ring ability and on-mic technique.

RadioTimes.com brings you our complete round-up of the top 10 women in WWE wrestling right now.

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10. Shayna Baszler

If you saw Shayna Baszler’s NXT Women’s Championship run, you’ll know just how good the Queen of Spades can be. At her dominant best, Baszler is a destroyer of limbs, capable of breaking opponents apart like no other woman in the division.

She’s an in-ring predator, willing to pounce on any weakness, and holds a unique position in WWE as a result. She may have struggled to be her unstoppable submission specialist self during her run on the main roster so far, but ever since Ronda Rousey has got her hooks back into her, Baszler has shown signs of reaching her peak once more.

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9. Iyo Sky

Anyone who rubs shoulders with Bayley is going to have their game raised, but the sky was already the limit for this former NXT Women’s Champion.

The Genius of the Sky lives up to her WWE nickname, creating showstopping moment after showstopping moment from the top rope. She is a superstar capable of anything inside the ropes and as soon as the WWE Universe sees all that she can be, Iyo has the potential to be the breakout star of Damage CTRL.

8. Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan was the perfect person to win the Money in the Bank contract. A super hard worker with all the desire and ambition in the world, the mega valuable briefcase helped progress Liv from the middle of the card to the top.

The WWE Universe was behind Morgan like no other woman in 2022 and the swell of emotion and excitement for her cash in and subsequent victories over Ronda Rousey were some of the most deserved triumphs of the year. 2023 has seen Liv slip back down the card a little, but we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg that is her potential.

7. Ronda Rousey

Rousey burst into WWE with a rocket strapped to her back. She proved to the world that she was a bonafide elite athlete in UFC but, despite some brilliant big-stage moments at the beginning of her WWE tenure, she is only now on a path where she can truly become the main event.

Ever since turning heel last year, Ronda’s character has gone from strength to strength. Not only did she help raise Liv Morgan’s credibility in a moment she needed it, she also put herself in a position to become the most hated – and therefore successful – heel in the company. As soon as WWE gives her something big to work on again, there’s nothing Ronda can’t achieve.

6. Asuka

Though Asuka has achieved almost everything there is to in WWE – multi-time champion, Money in the Bank winner, Royal Rumble winner, having a two-and-a-half year unbeaten run – it still feels like she can get even better.

As we write this, she’s well placed to have a huge post-WrestleMania 2023, with her aggressive, serious, unhinged persona taking shape at a key time. Her ferocity in-ring has levelled up and adding the mist to her repertoire has made big matches even more must-see. Asuka is a superstar on the rise once more.

5. Bayley

The Role Model is one of the most underrated superstars in recent memory. Despite her title reigns and superb heel performances, Bayley is not singled out for praise quite often enough.

Though WWE has struggled to really figure out what makes Damage CTRL different to any other experienced-head-plus-two-upcoming-stars faction, everything Bayley has touched since her return has turned to gold. Her rivalry with Becky Lynch has been the most enduring non-title women’s storyline for months, producing some excellent moments of awe and drama. Her presence and dislikability means she elevates anything she’s a part of. Raw is a better show when Bayley’s a part of it.

4. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte has had the career of a first-ballot Hall of Famer already, but she’s still smack-bang in the middle of her prime. Year on year Flair proves why she is the standard in the women’s division, providing excellent matches and fierce rivalries.

Her biggest talent is how she grows the star power of every opponent who steps to her. Whether as a heel or in her current face role, Charlotte has an unrivalled ability to make stars of those who stand opposite her. Her legacy is secured whatever else she achieves in WWE, and one day she’ll leave it in a better place than she found it.

3. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is a record-breaker, history-maker and truly inspirational figure. Her current run, since coming back from the birth of her daughter, has been outstanding in a purely wrestling sense.

Lynch has the enviable ability to succeed at the highest level as a heel or a face, creating magic with Bianca Belair as the former and fireworks with Bayley over the last few months as the latter. The Man continues to be a centrepiece of the women’s division and shines bright in any position she’s given.

2. Rhea Ripley

Our number one entry may have dominated the women’s roster picture over the past two years, but it’s hard to argue anyone is better placed to lead this industry in the years to come than Rhea Ripley.

The Nightmare has had an incredible run over the past 12 months, dominating Raws and Smackdowns as part of the Judgement Day. She has simultaneously elevated her own position to the very top of the card as well as propping up the talented Judgement Day lads around her. Mami is casting an ominous shadow over the whole women’s division and the storm is surely going to crash down on it soon.

Ripley says she needs to be a star. She already is one.

1. Bianca Belair

2022 was the year of the EST. She lifted the women’s division onto her shoulders and carried it from big moment to big moment. Belair stepped up against every top star the division had to offer and proved that she’s their equal – and then some.

If we’re talking about in-ring athleticism and power-based perfection, then Bianca Belair is unmatched. She’s an incredible physical athlete and has the ability to get the crowd behind her as an inspirational, even underdog, face despite her title dominance. We still think there are even more levels for Belair to go up, which is only phenomenal news for us all.

Who is the best female superstar in WWE?

The women’s division in WWE has a brilliant combination of trailblazing veterans and emerging talents. Future icons like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are helping raise Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley to ever-higher heights.

While there’s no doubt that it’s Bianca Belair’s division right now, Rhea Ripley is firing on all cylinders and is growing in readiness to lead the pack for years to come.

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