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BBC's Dan Walker had an absolute nightmare getting to Russia for the World Cup

The BBC Breakfast presenter documented his flight delays and airport travel woes on Twitter

Published: Tuesday, 12th June 2018 at 11:13 am

Dan Walker has had a terrible few days. And, for once, it’s not because anything Piers Morgan has said.


The BBC Breakfast and sport presenter was faced with delay after delay as he made his way to Russia to cover the 2018 World Cup.

Firstly: Manchester airport. Walker was grounded for eight hours after the city was hit by bad weather, an event Walker survived thanks to a lot of butterless hand luggage malt loaf.

He then followed this up with four (!) egg mayonnaise sandwiches and a scone ­– without cream and jam.

After 10 hours of delays in the terminal, Walker had to wait another 30 minutes on the plane due to bad weather in Germany.

Next up was Walker’s final leg from Munich to Moscow, a trip marked with an anxiety-inducing luggage agreement. And even more questionable airport food...

Finally, almost a day after first reaching Manchester airport, Walker touched down in Russia with only a few hours spare until filming started.


Congrats on finally making it there, Dan! But butterless malt loaf? You're always better than that...

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