Wimbledon 2013 bingo card

Download our tennis-themed bingo game and play along at home

This year, don’t just watch Wimbledon… join in at home.


When we say join in, we’re not getting energetic and donning our whites for five rigorous sets of tennis in the back garden. Oh, no. We’re talking about playing bingo. The game of champions.

Simply download and print out our Wimbledon 2013 bingo card for you and your friends and grab a few pens.

Each time one of the events listed on the bingo card happens, cross it off.

You may wish to cheer, clap wildly, and generally celebrate like you’ve just won the trophy yourself.

But if you want to get competitive, keep quiet when you see something happen and race your friends to be the first to get a line (worth 10 points) or be the first to finish the whole card (for that you get 50 points).

At the end of the game, see who has racked up the most points.


Download your bingo card here