Tom Daley on taking part in Celebrity Bake Off: “that’s the dream”

He'll soon be going for gold in Rio - but after that there's another competition the diver's keen on entering


He trains on a diet of egg whites, spinach and porridge for breakfast, chicken and pulses for lunch and fish with steamed veg for dinner but Olympic diver Tom Daley admits he also has a love of puds, which he likes to indulge with a bit of home baking.


“I have a real sweet tooth and I treat myself to a frozen yogurt or a bit of cheesecake a couple of times a week,” reveals Daley in the new issue of Radio Times magazine. “I’m a very keen baker. I’ve got the art of cheesecake down to a T.”

Of course, when you work at Radio Times, that raises an obvious question.

“Celebrity Bake off? Yep, that’s the dream,” says Daley. And we already have an idea what his showstopper might be…


Read the full interview with Tom Daley in the new issue of Radio Times, in the shops and via Apple Newsstand from Tuesday