What time is The Last Dance episode 9 and 10 released? Full release schedule

Your complete guide to upcoming episodes of The Last Dance on Netflix

The Last Dance

Netflix documentary series The Last Dance is going down a treat with sports fans and neutrals alike with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the spotlight once again.


The series follows the rise of the NBA’s finest ever player and his impact on the floundering Bulls franchise, helping them grow from a middle-of-the-road squad to an all-conquering unit, one of the greatest teams in sporting history.

The show includes interviews with Jordan but also focuses on his stellar supporting cast including Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman among others.

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When is The Last Dance next episode released?

Two new episodes of The Last Dance are released every Monday in the UK.

Episode 1 – 20th April

Episode 2 – 20th April

Episode 3 – 27th April

Episode 4 – 27th April

Episode 5 – 4th May

Episode 6 – 4th May

Episode 7 – 11th May

Episode 8 – 11th May

Episode 9 – 18th May

Episode 10 – 18th May

What is The Last Dance about?

The Last Dance may be touted as ‘that Michael Jordan documentary’ but it is proving to show far more than the rise of the NBA’s greatest ever player.

Jordan inspired the Chicago Bulls to greatness in the 90s as they won five titles in seven years before turmoil struck the team in 1997.

General manager Jerry Krause made a controversial call to bring coach Phil Jackson’s time in Chicago to an end with unclear motives for doing so, a move that sparked anger among the dressing room with Jordan stating he wouldn’t play for the Bulls without Jackson in charge.

Jackson was given one final season with his legendary squad and thus the last dance of the 90s Bulls began…

The series flashes backwards and forwards through time detailing the rise of stars including Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, their college days, their glory years, their steady decline, the glories and controversies that jewelled their careers.


There are current day interviews with the key figures involved, as well as a huge amount of archive clips and unaired footage from all time periods.