Djokovic rises to surface


Nadal on clay, until recently, was like Phelps in water, Bolt on a running track or Suarez at an all-you-can-eat buffet... simply unstoppable.

However, Djokovic put paid to that in spectacular fashion at the Monte Carlo Masters and, in general, doing to Rafa exactly what the Spaniard himself has done for years to so many of his adversaries on his favourite surface, namely bully them.

But before you go thinking the French Open will be a two-horse race, it’s worth noting that our old friend Roger Federer is boxing clever this season, carefully selecting his tournaments and allowing himself more time than ever for rest and recuperation. Federer has a real chance of winning his fourth Madrid title.

Madrid Open Masters Tennis - from Monday at 12noon on Sky Sports 3

Neighbourhood disputes

While the idea of “bragging rights” might make for a catchy soundbite, there’s something quite sad about this week’s Merseyside derby.

Despite the fact that Everton have spent millions less on players over the past five years than they have made from selling them, they genuinely looked like they could provide this season’s Premier League Cinderella story and finish in the top four. I, for one, am disappointed they didn’t quite make it.

For Liverpool, it was always going to be a building season, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’d much rather their season hadn’t come down to whether or not they can beat the team from the other side of Stanley Park. I’m sure both Moyes and Rogers would rather lose this game and be in the position of the London clubs Chelsea and Spurs, who go head to head in the battle for Champions League football.

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Liverpool v Everton is on Sunday at 1pm (k/o 1.30pm); Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur is on Wed at 7pm (k/o 7.45pm) - both on Sky Sports 1

Horse meet

The world’s top event riders and their four-legged friends are saddling up for this year’s prestigious Badminton Horse Trials, including Britain’s Mary King. The Duchess of Cornwall will be handing out the awards. Come on, who did you expect? Johnny Vegas?


The Badminton Horse Trials are on Monday from 12.30pm on BBC2