So the Japanese PM dressed up as Super Mario and won the Olympic closing ceremony

Now we’ve all lived the Olympic dream


Rio 2016 ended in spectacular fashion last night, its closing ceremony packed with a Macarena, a parade of athletes dramatically extinguishing the Olympic flame, and a glimpse of what treats Tokyo 2020 has in store in four years’ time.


You know, Tokyo? In Japan? Land of the Rising Sun, the world’s best sushi and most technological landmarks of the past 20 years? Yes, that’s right, the guys who gave us Super Mario.

Well, that’s all they’ll be remembered for until the next Olympics anyway, thanks to the outstanding antics of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe at Rio’s closing ceremony.

Shooting out of a large green pipe dressed as the Italian plumber, Abe donned his hat to cheering crowds, thus sending social media into a spiral of joy.


With his work done, the Japanese PM promptly jumped on a turtle and left the stage. Well, we can dream…