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Rugby World Cup: Day-by-day viewing guide

Don't miss a kick, a tackle or a try: when and where to watch every game

Friday 9 September


New Zealand v Tonga (Pool A) 9:30am ITV1


Saturday 10 September

Scotland v Romania (Pool B) 2:00am ITV1

Fiji v Namibia (Pool D) 4:30am ITV1

France v Japan (Pool A) 7:00am ITV1

Argentina v England (Pool B) 9:30am ITV1


Sunday 11 September

Australia v Italy (Pool C) 4:30am ITV1

Ireland v USA (Pool C) 7:00am ITV1

South Africa v Wales (Pool D) 9:30am ITV1

Wednesday 14 September

Samoa v Namibia (Pool D) 3:30am ITV1

Tonga v Canada (Pool A) 6:00am ITV4

Scotland v Georgia (Pool B) 8:30am ITV1


Thursday 15 September

Russia v USA (Pool C) 8:30am ITV4


Friday 16 September

New Zealand v Japan (Pool A) 9:00am ITV1


Saturday 17 September

Argentina v Romania (Pool B) 4:30am ITV1

South Africa v Fiji (Pool D) 7:00am ITV1

Australia v Ireland (Pool C) 9:30am ITV1

Sunday 18 September

Wales v Samoa (Pool D) 4:30am ITV1

England v Georgia (Pool B) 7:00am ITV1

France v Canada (Pool A) 9:30am ITV1

Tuesday 20 September

Italy v Russia (Pool C) 8:30am ITV4

Wednesday 21 September

Tonga v Japan (Pool A) 8:30am ITV4 


Thursday 22 September

South Africa v Namibia (Pool D) 9:00am ITV4

Friday 23 September

Australia v USA (Pool C) 9:30am ITV1

Saturday 24 September

England v Romania (Pool B) 7:00am ITV1

New Zealand v France (Pool A) 9:30am ITV1

Sunday 25 September

Fiji v Samoa (Pool D) 3:30am ITV1

Ireland v Russia (Pool C) 6:00am ITV1

Argentina v Scotland (Pool B) 8:30am ITV1

Monday 26 September

Wales v Namibia (Pool D) 7:30am ITV1

Tuesday 27 September

Canada v Japan (Pool A) 5:00am ITV4

Italy v USA (Pool C) 7:30am ITV4


Wednesday 28 September

Georgia v Romania (Pool B) 7:30am ITV4

Friday 30 September

South Africa v Samoa (Pool D) 8:30am ITV4


Saturday 1 October

Australia v Russia (Pool C) 3:30am ITV1

France v Tonga (Pool A) 6:00am ITV1

England v Scotland (Pool B) 8:30am ITV1

Sunday 2 October

Argentina v Georgia (Pool B) 1:00am ITV1

New Zealand v Canada (Pool A) 3:30am ITV1

Ireland v Italy (Pool C) 8:30am ITV1

Wales v Fiji (Pool D) 6:00am ITV1

Saturday 8 October

Quarter-final 1 (winner Pool C v runner-up Pool D) 6:00am ITV1

Quarter-final 2 (winner Pool B v runner-up Pool A) 8:30am ITV1

Sunday 9 October

Quarter-final 3 (winner Pool D v runner-up Pool C) 6:00am ITV1

Quarter-final 4 (winner Pool A v runner-up Pool B) 8:30am ITV1

Saturday 15 October

Semi-final 1 (winner QF 1 v winner of QF 2) 9:00am ITV1

Sunday 16 October

Semi-final 2 (winner QF 3 v winner of QF 4) 9:00am ITV1


Friday 21 October

Bronze Final (runner-up SF 1 v runner-up SF2) 8:30am ITV1 or ITV4

Sunday 23 October


Rugby World Cup Final (winner SF 1 v winner SF 2) 9:00am ITV1


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