Royal Ascot in numbers: 5 days of racing, 51,000 bottles of champagne and £5.85m up for grabs

Horse racing's poshest knees-up isn't just about the drinking – but it doesn't do any harm

The Queen has arrived, the bets are in and the champagne’s on ice: Channel 4 will be covering all five days of Royal Ascot this year, but what’s it like to be at one of racing’s richest events? We size up Royal Ascot 2015’s vital statistics.


1 inch

The minimum width of strap allowed on a dress in the Royal Enclosure. And you thought club bouncers were picky…


Bottles of champagne drunk at last year’s event – enough to fill 478 baths


Chocolate eclairs on sale. Well, with all the champagne race goers have to line their stomachs somehow. Throw in 2,900 lobsters and 10,000 steaks and you’ve got yourself a picnic fit for Mr Burns.


The number of winners the Queen has had at Royal Ascot. She didn’t have much luck last year however, when none of her horses came in first. The Queen has 9 potential runners at Ascot this year.


Number of limousines parked up in 2014. If you think that’s grand, check out the 400 helicopters that transported the most exclusive guests to racing’s poshest knees-up.


Spectators expected to turn up between now and the final race day this Saturday 20 June.

£5.85 million

The amount of prize money on offer across all 30 races at Royal Ascot. Makes that £5 each way bet seem like pretty small fry now doesn’t it?



Of course, if you can’t be there sipping champagne, you can always watch it at home. Channel 4 has coverage of all five days from 1.40pm every afternoon, presented by Clare Balding. Well, bet you didn’t want a ride in a helicopter anyway, did you?